Welcome to Hoboken USY!

Upcoming Events and Important Info:

Chapter: March 27th is our second annual Chocolate Seder. 5:30-7 pm at USH. Please join us for a very chocolaty night.

Regional: Junior/senior Prom March 3rd in Clark.

Mr. Hagalil in Morris Plains from 2:00-5:00. Come support Hoboken's contestant Adam Moscowitz! cost is $7 

Message From the Presidents:

USY (United Synagogue of Youth) is an amazing experience for any Jewish high schooler to go through. You make a ton of friends from around New Jersey (Hagalil) while incorporating cool Jewish themes. There are regional events about once a month and even an International Event in December!

But what about the parts of USY you just want to experience with your friends from Hoboken? Do you guys want to go on awesome field trips, have movie nights, play games, ect? We'll have a strong Hoboken chapter and have tons of fun! 

We are really looking forward to planning an awesome year. If you have any questions, comments or concerns. We're always available. You can post on our facebook walls, call, or e-mail us. USY has made such an impact on us and we intend on USY changing our members' lives as well. We're so looking forward to the rest of the year! 

Love your Hoboken USY presidents, 

Samantha Glass and Genna Harari



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